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How is broadband working for you?


We Need to Hear From You!

Let us know how broadband is working for you.

Potter and Tioga Counties are working together to assess current broadband service for our area, identify needs such as unserved or underserved areas, and develop strategies to enhance services for businesses and residences throughout both counties.


Please Note:

  • Your answers will help

  • Answers are private

  • Responses will be used to help plan for ways to enhance broadband services for our area

             THANK YOU!!!


Broadband Service is Critical

2020 has been a year that has continually confirmed how important access to quality broadband services is for our homes, schools and businesses. Among the information the counties hope to gather are details regarding how residents, students and businesses are able to connect to the information they need and communicate with others. Data from the survey will be used to assist both counties in moving forward with next steps for broadband efforts. Your input is important! 

For Additional Information or a
Paper Copy of the Survey:

Kristin Hamilton
Develop Tioga


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